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Terms of Use.

Friend In A Box, Inc. is a anonymous phone service that offers a supportive relationship strictly functioning within the guidelines descripted. This is not a therapeutic service and will not function as such. Throughout this company the person called by the FIAB, normally referred to as the client, will instead be known as the ‘subscriber.’ If we determine the subscriber needs help outside what we can provide, we will refer the subscriber elsewhere. Sittings with your designated FIAB are private, with the exception of the subscriber making threats to harm themself or others as well as any mention of child abuse, or elder abuse; in such cases we are required by law to report these conversations. Employees and volunteers of Friend In A Box are not liable for any decisions or thoughts the subscriber makes as a result of conversations held with the FIAB. The FIAB will not diagnose medical conditions or tell the subscriber what to do in response to life situations and will only offer feedback on what the subscriber chooses to disclose to the FIAB. Each FIAB reserves the right to end the phone call or reschedule if they determine the subscriber to be incoherent, under the influence of mood altering substances, or uncooperative. Any calls that result in being cut short due to either party, will still be considered a paid sitting. Any violations of the terms of use will lead to suspension from the Friend In A Box phone service.

Privacy Policy.

Conversations during sittings are confidential. However, as mandated reporters, FIABs are required to report certain cases of abuse or threats to the FIAB Coordinator and the authorities. FIABs will take calls in quiet and private areas.

Service Guidelines.

• We provide services for all ages:

– Children (must have a parent or guardian’s written consent and available during the initial session)

– Adults

– Seniors (adult children of seniors may sign them up for the service, but sittings will only be held at the will of the subscriber)

• Interaction Policy:

Subscribers and their FIAB may not have any contact or relationship outside of the scheduled sittings. There should be no exchange of personal phone numbers, addresses, social media, or email.

• Policy on Sitting Time:

The subscriber will select their preference of time and day they wish to have contact with their FIAB through the Friend In A Box, Inc. appointment tracking system, in coordination with the chosen FIAB’s schedule. The FIAB Coordinator may contact the subscriber via email or phone call to reschedule the appointed sitting, if the FIAB is unable to commit to the specified appointment time.

• Policy on Missed Calls:

Subscribers will answer the phone for each scheduled sitting, or will contact Friend In A Box staff at least 5 hours prior to their appointment if they need to cancel or reschedule.

If you miss the first call from your ‘FIAB’, he/she will make one additional attempt. Failure to pick up or cancel appointment will result in a missed appointment fee.

• Friend In A Box records all sittings for quality assurance and training purposes. Records will be kept for a period of time in order to keep track of what is discussed in sittings and to have background information on the client, if the client chooses to repeat service. Each sitting will be recorded for supervision purposes.

• Subscriber Behavior. As the ‘FIAB’ is expected to respect the subscriber, the subscriber will be expected to do the same. That includes limited or no use of profanity or threats. It is the responsibility of the subscriber to be mindful of these things.